Jul 10

Throwing money out the Window

Hi potential customer

We all know how fuel bills are going sky high,and with poor or no double glazing, at least 30% of your heating is going out the window, that is £1 out of £3 spent on heating.

But there is good news on the horizon.

You may not be aware of this,but as from oct 2010. all windows supplied and installed will have to conform to the new rating system. a bit like how you rate a fridge from A rating to C rating.

Well now windows and doors are to be rated the same. although us installers must install nothing less than a C rate. Which is what we are fitting at the moment.

However we intend to cut straight to chase and fit A rated windows and doors as standard to ensure you as a customer are investing in the best product,ECONOMY wise to help save you money on your heating bills.